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Working with Children

The power to understand

Working with children can be a pleasure because they find it so much easier to engage their imaginations and are very willing to learn.

Many of the children I help have issues with anxiety and that can affect the way they feel about school and impact on their ability to make friends or have a sense of belonging. I find when they do not get the help they need the anxiety can affect them so much that all they want to do is hide away, and this can lead into depression.

These unresolved feelings of anxiety can also increase the risk of self harm and that can start them cutting, pulling out their hair, or picking their skin or create unfavourable behaviours around food like, bulimia or anorexia etc. It is so important to get onto these behaviours quickly and help that child to develop important tools that will help them deal with the anxiety in better ways.

Through hypnotherapy and NLP, I enjoy helping children overcome bed wetting and other behaviour that they may be struggling with, it is often tricky when your child wants to go away to school camp or to a friend's house to stay and this issue is causing them stress or anxiety. So if you have any questions about getting help for your child please feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to chat on the phone. I can get then get a better understanding of your situation. It is not appropriate to force a child to come in to see me, they need to feel ready in them self to want help.

Many people want to know how young is too young to seek help,I have work with children as young a four years old and together we make up a story they I record onto a CD that you can play for them at night when they are going to sleep. Most of the Children I work with are about eight years or older and we can use hypnotherapy and NLP. I request that an adult be with them in the room for children up to the age a sixteen years of age. It is important that the child feels supported. This also gives them a chance to debrief with the adult after their session about how the session felt for them and for that adult to remind them of their strategies that they will need to reinforce after each session.

Please let me know if you are keen to book your child in and we can discuss what is going to be the best approach to take.

I have two clinics one in Petone and also my main clinic in Wellington I only work week days , so if you are keen to book your son or daughter in we can pick a time that is outside school hours if that is best for you.

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