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How many sessions?

Meredith McCarthy Each session takes one hour. For best results it is advisable to have a minimum of three sessions. Experience shows me that people gain the greatest benefit by attending one a week for over a period of three weeks. You can continue with therapy either on a weekly or monthly basis if you wish to continue to work through any other issues. Life coaching is also available for either ongoing or short term sessions.For more info about life coaching go to my hypnosis page. Professional workshops or seminars are also available.

To make a booking:

http://www.ezybook.co.nz/pages/meredithmccarthyclinicalhypnotherapist Now you can use my online booking service it is as easy as that. You will also receive a reminder email the day before if you need to change your appointment you will need to make sure that you are logged onto ezybook and then you are in control of booking in the best time that suits you. I look forward to working with you. I am also happy to book people through emails and phone calls but please note that I am often with a client and you may find it difficult to get hold of me without leaving a message. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. Please phone 04 577 1116 Cell 027 699 3950 or

email: info@meredithmccarthy.com

Session Cost:

Your are welcome to book in for a half hour session to discuss how I can help you and answer any other questions you my have.

Hypnotherapy / NLP coaching or Reiki sessions are normally one hour each session. You can also book a 90min session often people like to start with this. Reiki treatments are also the same cost.

Often I recommend between one to three sessions some issues my take longer and everyone is different. My approach is client centred and I find that different people need different approaches to how we work with any issues. Please feel free to listen to my podcasts where I talk about some topics that I work with like depression and stress. eftpos_logo You can now pay with PayPal and secure your booking. I do have eftpos with me but if you wish to use credit card you will need to use PayPal on line.


Tuesday 10am to 6pm, Wednesday 10am to 6pm and Friday 10am to 8pm at:


24 Johnston Street
4th Floor
Room 10
Please take a seat on the red chairs on the 4th floor and I will come and I will collect you from the waiting area.

Monday 9am to 5pm at:Manuka Health Centreoffice

Manuka Health Centre
11 Hector Street

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Online surcharge:

Due to online costs of online processing there is a $5.00 surcharge per transaction, if you wish to avoid this surcharge you may pay at the time of your session buy eftpos or cash. If you are paying for one of the Retreats or Workshops and wish to avoid this surcharge, I can invoice you and from there you can set up a one off payment or a number of payments through online banking.
Thank you.

Half hour session ($65.00) inclusive of GST paypal

One hour session ($130.00) inclusive of GST paypal

Ninety minute session ($195.00) inclusive of GST paypal

Reiki 1st Degree Training

Reiki 2nd Degree Training

Session recording:

feet I record each session on to CD this is part of the session cost so it can be used to reinforce everything. You are welcome to bring a USB stick I can save it as an MP3 or I can send a link to you to download.

Life is full of opportunities that challenge you,
this is part of your Journey.
Rise to this challenge
look at each day as an opportunity to do
one thing that will bring you joy,
love and happiness.
These actions are the foundations that create
a life full of wonderful uplifting memories.