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About Me, Experience and Qualifications

Meredith Hypnotherapist I am a full (Professional) member of the NZ Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Inc.

I am also a a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with the NZ Hypnotherapy Registration Board. I am also one of the Wellington trainers for the New Zealand School Of Professional Hypnotherapists. Being in this field for the last 20 years I feel excited to pass on the knowledge to others that want to become hypnotherapists.

If you are wanting to train please visit their web site:
New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapists

I gained my training as a professional in the feild of helping people through the Osmosis Academy of Hypnotherapy in Auckland and have been practicing in Wellington since 1993. The Osmosis Academy is recognised both nationally and internationally and it meets the same standards that have been put in place by the Hypnotherapy Guild in the USA. I have also had training in motivational interviewing for smoking cessation and have helped many people over the years with their addictions to smoking. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. I have run many workshops ranging in topics that help people gain the skills they need for creating, positive change in their lives.

I have been married for over 16 years and have two children, so when I work with others I can relate to some of the challengers that life can bring, juggling family and work.

One of my hobbies is painting and this for me is a great way to slow down and really look at life with clear eyes. It is a great form of meditation it forces you to really stay in the now and be fully aware of what the paint is doing and what you are really seeing.

Early this year I completed my first 4.2km swim across Taupo in February 2014, it was amazing. Over the years I have had many athletes coming in to prepare for their events Hypno-coaching is a fantastic way to get that mental advantage on the day.

Using your wisdom you can create balance in all that you do.



For more information please contact Meredith McCarthy
Ph: 04 577 1116
Mob: 027 699 3950